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What is Flex rigid PCB?03-14 10:51
Flex rigid PCB, which combines flexible and rigid PCB technology in application. Most rigid flexible boards consist of multilayer flexible circuit boards attached to one or more rigid boards from the outside and/or inside, depending on the application design. The flexible base plate is designed to be in a constant deflection state, and usually forms a deflection curve during manufacturing or installation.
SMT line09-12 09:13
Name of facility: SMT line
DES line09-12 09:12
Name of facility: DES line
Vertical copper plating line09-12 09:10
Name of facility: Vertical copper plating line
Multilayer presses09-20 09:09
multilayer presses
Laser drilling machine09-12 09:08
Name of facility: Laser drilling machine
Laser direct imaging machine09-12 09:07
Name of facility: Laser direct imaging machine
LDI stencil making system09-20 09:04
LDI stencil making system
Mechanical drilling machine09-20 09:00
Mechanical drilling machine
Automatic exposure machine for FPC09-20 08:56
automatic exposure machine for FPC
S&L Circuit developing line09-22 11:23
S&L Circuit developing line
S&L Cu immersion line09-22 11:22
S&L Cu immersion line
S&L Circuit board wiring09-22 11:21
S&L Circuit board wiring
S&L innner-layeretching line09-22 11:20
S&L innner-layeretching line
S&L Cleaning Line09-22 11:19
Cleaning Line
Certificate of PCB IP patent11-07 11:18
Certificate of PCB IP patent
Certificate of PCB IP patent11-07 11:17
Certificate of PCB IP patent
Certificate of PCB IP patent11-07 11:16
Certificate of PCB IP patent
Certificate of PCB IP patent11-07 11:15
Certificate of PCB IP patent