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Technical Parameters

Part Number:M40C23268
Layer count: 40
Board thickness:3.0mm
Raw material:FR4 TG170 tuc
Copper thickness on the board surface:140um
Copper thickness in the hole barrel:50um
Min.line width/space:0.30mm
Minimum hole diameter:0.4mm 
Surface finishing:immersion gold≥1u"
Application:telecom power supply

Technology Feature




        Unique SLPS ERP system enables us 
  to monitor the entire production process in the palm. 






 Our specialized Burkle pressing machine provides excellent accuracy of 
 lamination pressing temperature curve and prevents resin over-flowing. 4oz
 of inner layer copper thickness is guaranteed.





We have customized plasma desmear machine and
VCP plating line to provide excellent uniformity of via copper plating






Advanced Hitachi drilling machine meets your strict via positioning spec of ±0.05mm;



    100% electrical resistance test 
     guarantees excellent stability performance.





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