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  • Customer:james schroth2019-03-07IP:

    Would it be possible to have a metal-clad PCB done with Stainless Steel rather than aluminum? We have been trying to find a manufacturer capable of producing this. Thank you, James

    Administrator reply:No reply

  • Customer:Mario2017-11-15IP:

    Hi. I need a quote and delivery time for 70 simple face PCB cards of simple design. The measurements are 110x72mm. Thank you

    Administrator reply:Hi, thanks for reaching out. We will need your design file or at least a spec matrix including board thickness, copper thickness, solder mask, surface finish for the cost estimation.

  • Customer:Cheryl2017-10-18IP:

    I have an automatic gate opener with circuit board ST24729. Wondering if this is something you have?

    Administrator reply:Hi, thanks for reaching out. We make PCB based on customer's design for their volume demand. You may want to check with the retailer to know if they have spare parts with that circuit board.

  • Customer:samir habbaki2017-09-05IP:

    looking for roger 5880 2,2f/m height 0,79mm thickness copper platting;35um also the taconic number; rf35 same specs as above but another brand pls advice regards samir

    Administrator reply:Hi, we mfg PCB per customer design, we don't supply Rogers material. Pls let us know if you have any demand to PCB, thanks.

  • Customer:Sara Perfetto2017-07-27IP:

    Hello, I am looking for a flexible PCB with Cu lines. I need to transmit power 100 W and voltage 28 V (3.5 A current) on the minimum number of lines. The lines must be insulated into the PCB and I need some insulation material free by Cu lines for other purposes (just empty material). I would need a total thickness between 0.3 mm and 0.5 mm. The length of the flexible PCB should be around 1 meter and the width the minimum possible (at least I would need 1 mm of material free by Cu lines) . Is it possible? Regards, Sara

    Administrator reply:Basically we can meet your requirement. Please send your design file (gerbers) so we can evaluate properly and get you have a quotation.

  • Customer:Dario Maldonado2017-03-27IP:

    Hello, i am a engineer member of DTA (www.dta-sa.com). We need a quote of some PCB, but before we need to know what difference (in cost) are between the following TACONIC materials (if you have them): RF-35 and RF-35TC (both C1/C1 version 35um copper cladding, to increase the thermal conductivity) Thickness: 0.0200 (0.51mm) for, for example, a PCB with dimensions of 10 x 10 cm (100 mm x 100 mm), two layers pcb with PTH and silverscreen, (or cost for cm2) We can't decide about what material to use rigth now, because we do not know the difference of cost between them. The RF-35TC have better thermal conductivity and looks better for us, but we are afraid it will be much more expensive than RF-35. We need a qty: 10 for the first prototypes. Thanks so much for your help.

    Administrator reply:We received quotation from Taconic for RF-35-0200 and RF-35TC-0200 and cost of RF-35TC-0200 is 37% higher than RF-35-0200. Please let us know what's the next step.

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