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Types of Single Layer PCB

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Single Layer Rigid PCB

It is the type of a single layered PCB that is made up a rigid material such as fiberglass. These PCBs are inflexible and prevent the circuit from bending and breaking. Currently, these are used in different types of devices, such as in calculators and power supplies, etc.

Single Layer High Frequency PCB

It’s the type of single layer PCBs which is used in high frequency PCB generally in giga hertz. The boards are made up of a Teflon or polyphenylene oxide (PPO) material. There are some tips you need to know when choosing high frequency single layer PCBs, such as thermal expansion, dielectric loss as well as water absorption and so on.

Single Layer Aluminum PCB

It’s the type of single layer PCB which is consist of aluminum material substrate. The design of the boards are quite similar to copper backed PCB, however there is a difference, which it uses the aluminum PCBs substrate instead of copper. Because aluminum backed is used with thermal insulating material for transferring the heat from insulating material to back.

Single Layer Flexible PCB

It is the type of a single layer PCBs which is used for high-frequency circuits, usually in gigahertz. These PCBs are made out a Teflon or polyphenylene oxide (PPO) material. During choosing high-frequency single sided PCB, many aspects are kept in mind, such as dielectric loss, thermal expansion, and water absorption, etc.

Single Layer Rigid Flex PCB

It is made up of a flexible material instead of a rigid material. What’s more, they use the plastic materials. And single layer flexible PCBs  have many advantages over single layer rigid PCBs but they have a high cost for fabrication.

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