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Flex rigid PCB:The Many types of Circuits Boards

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A printed circuit board or PCB is a physically supporting board while connecting electrically various electronic components of a more extensive system. The board uses conductive tracking, padding, and other items echoed from layers of copper.


As the name suggests, the single-sided PCB is made from one material as a base, also known as a “substrate.” On top of that base is a thin foil layer made of copper. This is used as a conductor for the electric signal.

These are the most common of the PCB types and are very popular in large volume production because of their low price point. These boards are often found in cameras, calculators, and radio devices.

They can also be found in simple toy design.


The double-sided Flex rigid PCB works in a manner very similar to the single, but both sides are sandwiched between the conductive layer. In addition to this, they are designed with holes drilled into the board itself. 

These holes are placed into the board to allow the circuitry to be mounted on either side of the PCB or to be fed through the board. The extra flexibility and conductive surfaces place the double-sided in more advanced applications.

Double-sided PCBs can regularly be found in cell-phones, vending machines, automobile displays, and electric metering equipment.


This design takes the double-sided and continues to expand on it. The multi-layer is a collection of no fewer than three (3) double-sided PCBs. They take the technology established here and enhance the production power of it.

The size and space are the main benefits of a multi-layer PCB. They can replace the need for several boards with a single multi-layer.

They are an integral part of high-speed circuitry as their board size allows for proper conductor layout and power.

 Flex rigid PCB

A Flex rigid PCB can be single, double, or multi. Rigid refers to the substrate material that the board is made out of. When a PCB is a rigid board, it is, as the name suggests, created out of a material that resists twist or change. 


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