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FPC supplier:Can the QR code be used up?02-29 12:54
Nowadays, with the rapid development of economy and the rapid improvement of science and technology, mobile electronic equipment has gradually entered thousands of households. The HDI editor learned that at present, with the popularity of mobile electronic devices, mobile payment is rising continuously. However, many people cannot help but worry that the world consumes tens of billions of QR codes every day. What if they run out?
FPC manufacturer:The latest black technology can turn skin seconds into touch screens.02-24 05:08
The FPC manufacturer learned from foreign media reports that researchers at the University of Sal in Germany recently developed a new electronic tattoo SkinMarks. Although this tattoo looks the same as ordinary tattoos, users can flexibly control electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers by sliding their fingers on its surface. The skin pasted with this tattoo is like a touch screen.
Flexible PCB supplier china : Wearable flexible artificial skin can be used in the field of medical 02-14 12:12
Scientists have invented a soft artificial skin that can provide tactile feedback signals to the human body. In addition, it has a complex self-sensing mechanism, so it can instantly adapt to the wearer's movement. The artificial skin can be used in fields such as medical rehabilitation and virtual reality. Just like our hearing and vision, our sense of touch plays an important role in our perception and interaction with the world around us. Technology that can duplicate our sense of touch (also
Flexible PCB manufacturer:Does the chassis height of pure electric vehicles affect battery safety?02-07 02:33
For a fuel-powered car, the engine, chassis and gearbox are the three most important components, of which the engine is the heart of the car. But now many pure electric vehicles have appeared. These vehicles do not consume fuel, but rely on batteries to provide power. For this reason, the batteries of pure electric vehicles are the most important parts. At present, most electric vehicles place battery packs on the chassis, so will pure electric vehicles affect the safety of batteries because of
PCB factory china:SMART electronic skin offers new hope for wearable medical devices01-17 05:13
Many researchers have been keen on artificial skin technology for a long time. Although previous studies have introduced the concept of an E-skin, none has been able to detect both pressure and heat with high sensitivity. Until now, a team of South Korean researchers at the University of Science and technology (UNIST) in Ulsan has developed a new form of electronic skin that can function as human skin, the Circuit Board factory has learned. Inspired by human skin, the research team has developed
PCB supplier china:Application of Foldable and Durable Battery in Medical Equipment01-10 04:46
With the introduction of high-power wearable devices and smart phones such as foldable mobile phones and 5G mobile phones, people are increasingly interested in batteries, and various types of batteries are also under development. For example, flexible batteries embedded in mobile phone watchbands or wireless power sharing batteries developed from wireless charging. However, there is currently no manufacturing process for producing batteries with foldable capacity of thousands of milliampere hou
Health care PCB: Mobile technology can detect and prevent outbreaks of medical diseases12-27 04:31
A project co-funded by the International Development Research Center (IDRC) helped establish Sri Lanka's Wildlife Health Center to monitor animal health. The findings also prompted the central government to extend the role of veterinarians to areas such as antibiotic resistance and farm practices.
Metal core PCB:Does the fast charging technology of electric vehicles have any influence on vehicles12-20 04:25
Charging is a part of vehicle energy supplement for electric vehicles. In order to save vehicle charging time and improve vehicle use experience, electric vehicles will be equipped with a fast charging port, which can fill about 80% of the electricity in half an hour according to fast charging. For fast charging, high-power direct current charging is used. By increasing the voltage, the current can be made small at the same power. In this case, the DC voltage is greater than the actual battery v
High frequency PCB:How to Break the Bottleneck of New Energy Vehicle Market12-13 04:18
With the growth of new energy vehicles, it also means that some old models will flow to the used car market. However, many factors, such as imperfect residual value assessment standards and lack of circulation channels, have also brought some troubles to new energy vehicle owners, such as high electricity exchange costs and the inability to sell used cars. How can we break this dilemma?
Rigid flex PCB:Hard and soft board is how one and the same01-03 09:33
Combination of hard and soft board (it Rigid - flex PCBS) is a kind of Rigid PCB endurance and resilience of new flexible PCB printed circuit board, in all types of PCB, hard and soft combination is the most resistant of the bad application environment, thus get the favour of industrial control medical military equipment manufacturers, the mainland enterprise is also gradually improve the hard and soft combination plate accounted for the proportion of output as a whole.
FPC supplier:5G has become the main driving factor for the construction of base stations12-06 08:24
At the 2019 China Information and Communication Conference held a few days ago, Jingyang Cao, an expert from China Mobile Research Institute, said that after the 5G commercial license was issued, China Mobile announced that it would implement 5G commercial services in more than 50 cities by the end of the year. In 2020, the network coverage will be further expanded to provide 5G commercial services in all cities above the prefecture level. SA will become the target architecture of 5G network and
FPC manufacturer:5G Will Have a Far-reaching Impact on Five Vertical Industries11-29 03:30
The first world 5G conference was held in Beijing a few days ago, and black technology was featured. At the meeting, Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei revealed that 113,000 5G base stations have been built in the country and 130,000 are expected to be built by the end of this year. The number of subscribers to 5G package reached 870,000, and 5G has a good momentum of development.
Flexible PCB supplier china :The future development of unmanned driving is still unknown.11-22 09:24
Unmanned driving has been a hot topic in the world in recent years. The practice of intelligent driving is almost hot. An unprecedented "marriage" is brewing between intelligent and automobile industry. Google's driverless project started 10 years ago and actually measured more than 10 million miles. The driverless project based on Google later established an independent company Waymo, which also developed an autonomous simulator called Carcraft, claiming to have achieved 10 billion miles of aut
Flexible PCB manufacturer:The number of 5G modules will exceed 4G in 202311-15 11:37
The latest research report released by Strategy Analytics Internet of Things Strategic Service points out that by 2025, the sales of Internet of Things cellular equipment will transition through the main air interface 5G. The strong growth of projects from China continues to provide healthy impetus to the Internet of Things equipment market.
PCB factory china:In 2023, connected cars will become 5G's largest market11-08 08:23
Gartner's latest report points out that outdoor surveillance cameras will become the world's largest market for 5G Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in the next three years, reaching 70% of the total installed capacity of 5G Internet of Things endpoints by 2020. In terms of quantity, there will be 2.5 million, 6.2 million and 11.2 million units in 2020, 2021 and 2022 respectively, but they will be overtaken by networked cars and shrink to 32% of the market by 2023.
PCB supplier china:Sub-industries with Absolute Advantage in 5G Era11-02 08:28
PrintedCircuitBoard (PCB) is also called printed circuit board, printed circuit board and printed circuit board in Chinese.
PCB manufacturer China:How do we face the withdrawal of 2G and 3G networks10-25 08:54
The Information Office of the State Council will hold a press conference at 10: 00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. It will invite Huang Libin, Director-General and Spokesperson of the Operation Monitoring Coordination Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Wen Ku, Director-General and Spokesperson of the Information and Communications Development Department, to introduce the development of the industrial communications industry in the first three quarters of 2019 a
Automotive PCB:What will happen to cloud computing with 5G10-18 09:22
Cloud services are developing rapidly in the era of mobile Internet. At present, a large number of mobile applications have completed cloud migration. It can be said that the development of cloud computing has lowered the threshold of Internet entrepreneurship to a certain extent, and has also promoted the development of mobile Internet. Innovation and entrepreneurship. From this perspective, cloud services have been implemented to some extent.
Multi-layer PCB:How 5G Satellite Becomes a New Communication Way10-11 08:40
With the acceleration of 5G era, mobile communication has realized massive interconnection. Compared with 4G, 5G data transmission speed is faster and the types of services supported are more diverse. In the field of satellite communication, 5G has huge application space.
Flex rigid PCB:Which is more dangerous, leakage or fire, after an electric vehicle collides09-27 08:26
Electric vehicles are powered by electric energy. Due to the characteristics of electric vehicles, when people think about electric vehicle collision, they usually think about whether the battery will leak electricity or whether it is more dangerous to catch fire. In people's subconsciousness, electric vehicles are just like electronic products such as mobile phones and computers. It is safer to stay at a respectful distance from the earth about leakage. But then again, as a means of transportat
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