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[Global Presence]High frequency PCBs[ 09-26-2023 11:23 ]
A high frequency printed circuit board, whether it’s rigid or flex, offers faster signal flow rates and a frequency range of up to 100 GHz.
[Global Presence]High Frequency PCB Importance in Electronics Manufacturing[ 09-09-2023 14:12 ]
High frequency PCBs offer great features that make them suitable for use in different applications.
[Global Presence]What materials used for High frequency PCB ?[ 08-29-2023 10:22 ]
HighfrequencyPCB for wireless applications and data rates in the upper GHz range have special demands on the material used
[Company news]Features of High frequency PCB[ 08-12-2023 15:11 ]
Features of HighfrequencyPCB
[Company news]High frequency PCB: Good Habits of PCB Engineers![ 06-30-2023 10:35 ]
For PCB designers, creating a schematic symbol library and PCB packaging library is a very basic but very important work.Only by ensuring the accuracy of the schematic symbol library and PCB packaging library can we ensure the smooth development of PCB design.