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[Global Presence]Why is it difficult to tin the High frequency PCB[ 01-11-2022 19:54 ]
Why are some High frequency PCB pads not easy to be tinned? Here, FASTPCBA PCB and PCBA Manufacturer will analyze the possible reasons for you.
[Global Presence]What are the important parameters of high frequency PCB[ 12-23-2021 17:04 ]
The dielectric constant of the high frequency PCB substrate must be small and stable. Generally speaking, the smaller the better. T
[Global Presence]Why You Should Choose High-Frequency PCB[ 11-25-2021 16:30 ]
If your application requires a high-frequency board, you need a high frequency PCB manufacturer with extensive knowledge and rich fabrication background
[Global Presence]High frequency PCB Tolerances[ 11-09-2021 15:11 ]
Have you ever submitted a Gerber file only to have a laundry list of feedback and red-pen markup sent back to you, creating hours of revisions and delays for the engineering team?
[Global Presence]Benifis of High frequency PCB Materials[ 10-13-2021 16:36 ]
You require high frequency PCB and ceramic-based materials when you want to maintain your circuit board shape throughout its lifespan.