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[Company news]High frequency PCB:Beijing introduces palm-print access on subway line[ 05-27-2023 10:58 ]
A subway line that links downtown Beijing with Da­xing International Airport in the Chinese capital now allows passengers to enter and exit stations by just scanning the palm of a hand, setting an example of how using biometric data in public transportation can make commuting more convenient.
[Company news]What’s The High Frequency PCB?[ 05-11-2023 10:24 ]
High frequency PCBs are PCBs that are designed to operate at high frequencies, typically above 50 MHz. They are used in electronic devices that require fast and reliable data transfer, such as communication systems, data centers, and consumer electronics.
[Global Presence]High frequency pcb materials[ 04-10-2023 10:15 ]
When selecting a PCB substrate for high frequency circuits, pay special attention to the materials used. For many years, the standard circuit board material currently used in the market has been FR-4, a flame-retardant type 4 woven glass-reinforced epoxy laminate.
[Global Presence]Preparing Your Design for High Frequency PCB Layout[ 03-25-2023 15:49 ]
The best way to approach high speed design is to start small. Fast components often need fast tools and test equipment. Components commonly used in high speed digital circuits include microcontrollers, FPGAs, RF and MCU transceivers, and many other components.
[Global Presence]High Frequency PCB (HFP)[ 03-09-2023 10:06 ]
High frequency PCB manufacturing can be used when special signal requirements is needed for electronic equipment and products. The frequency range of 500MHz – 2GHz is its operation environment. Hence, these are ideal for high-end applications. Today, the complexity of electronic devices is rapidly increasing. Hence, we need high frequency PCB for providing faster signal flow rates.