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[Global Presence]What are the main factors affecting High frequency PCB[ 09-09-2021 15:38 ]
The manufacturing cost of the circuit board has been the most concern of all electronic engineers, they want to realize the maximum profit of their products with the lowest cost.
[Global Presence]How to do High frequency PCB[ 08-26-2021 18:16 ]
Want to do a good job of high-complex PCB First, do the DFM of these High frequency PCBs from the engineering design; Second, for these PCBs and PCBAs, you need to choose suppliers with particularly strong engineering capabilities.
[Global Presence]High frequency PCB:What is Aluminum PCB[ 08-10-2021 14:42 ]
Have you ever heard the term aluminum pcb manufacturer? If you do not know what it is, we will explain it to you in this article. As you read this article, you are surrounded by PCBs.
[Global Presence]High frequency PCB:What is an Annular Ring[ 07-27-2021 14:33 ]
A via is created by drilling a hole through a copper pad etched on each layer of a High frequency PCB. An Annular Ring is the area between the edge of the drilled via and the copper pad associated with that hole. The greater the width of an annular ring, the greater the copper connection around the drilled via will be.
[Global Presence]High frequency PCB Board Design: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GREAT LAYOUT[ 07-09-2021 15:38 ]
With high frequency PCB board design, you need to be as prepared as possible.