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[S&L news]Heavy copper PCB Boards exhibit a high tolerance capacity[ 12-17-2017 15:00 ]
Heavy copper PCB is printed circuit board (PCB) that contains 3 ounces of copper or even more on the inner layers or the outer layers. It is normally produced using copper weights that lie in the range of 4 oz per ft2 up to 10 oz per ft2.
[S&L news]Benefits of Using our Heavy Copper PCBs[ 11-30-2017 15:00 ]
Heavy copper PCBs are widely used in power supply systems and power electronic devices. The advancement of PCB technology has led to the development of heavy copper printed circuit boards. In this case, such PCBs have a copper thickness of more than 6oz compared to 2oz of the standard printed circuit boards.
[S&L news]Understanding to Heavy Copper PCB[ 11-02-2017 15:00 ]
Heavy copper PCB is a growing trend in power supply industry for power supply systems and power electronic devices. The main reason why these products are on high demand is, such printed circuit boards have a finished copper weight between over 4oz and 20oz. They are far better than the standard copper PCB units that have comparatively less weight, precisely between 1oz and3oz.