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Why Choose Rigid-flexible PCB

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Rigid-flex PCBs are not cheap, why use rigid-flex boards? In pcb design, the cost is often not the key factor.

1. The reliability of the installation of the flexible and rigid board is high:
Usually, FPC is connected through connectors, which brings high installation cost, inconvenient installation, installation reliability problems, and risks such as easy short circuits and falling off. Rigid Flexible PCB do not require connectors to connect, so they can solve these problems well.

2. The comprehensive cost of the rigid flex board is lower:
Using the rigid flex pcb, no connector is needed, so the cost of this part of the connector can be saved. At the same time, the installation efficiency and reliability are improved, so the repair rate is low. Comprehensive consideration, especially in the use of batch products, can often effectively reduce the overall cost.

3. Using the rigid flex pcb can effectively improve the signal quality:
Since connections on rigid-flex pcb are not made through connectors, so trace continuity and signal integrity are better. Traditional IPC uses FPC and connectors to connect the Sensor (video sensor) board and the main control board. The use of a flexible and rigid pcb can make the two integrated, ensuring signal integrity.

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