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Why do Multi-layer PCB circuit boards need to use UV three-proof paint

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In the Multi-layer PCB circuit board, the three anti-paint can be said to be indispensable. Three-proof paint is also called PCB electronic circuit board protection oil, coating oil, three-proof glue, moisture-proof paint, and three-proof paint. At present, the three-proof paint mainly includes solvent-based three-proof paint and UV three-proof paint. UV three-proof paint has the "three-proof" performance of waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof, as well as the performance of resistance to cold and heat shock, aging resistance, radiation resistance, salt spray resistance, ozone corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, good flexibility, and strong adhesion. It is very common in PCB circuit boards.

UV three-proof paint

In Multi-layer PCB circuit boards, moisture is the most common and destructive factor. Excessive moisture will greatly reduce the insulation resistance between conductors, accelerate high-speed decomposition, reduce the Q value, and corrode the conductors. We often see the patina on the metal part of the PCB circuit board.

Hundreds of pollutants randomly found on printed circuit boards have the same destructive power. They can cause the same results as moisture erosion—electronic decay, corrosion of conductors, and even irreparable short circuits. The most common pollutants found in electrical systems may be chemicals left over from the manufacturing process. Examples of these contaminants include fluxes, solvent release agents, metal particles, and marking inks. There are also major pollution groups that are caused by humans carelessly, such as body oils, fingerprints, cosmetics and food residues. There are also many pollutants in the operating environment, such as salt spray, sand, fuel, acid, and other corrosive vapors and molds.

The above problems are the reasons why UV three-proof paint is needed. Coating UV conformal paint on printed circuit boards and components can reduce or eliminate the deterioration of electronic operation performance to a large extent, and extend the service life of the product.

UV three-proof paint used for the three-proof coating of circuit boards has excellent performance in bonding, protection, anti-corrosion, waterproofing, high and low temperature resistance, etc. It is widely used in PCB circuits working in high temperature, humidity, and corrosive gas environments. Board protection, can withstand mechanical vibration and swing, thermal shock, and operation under high temperature, and has excellent adhesion to various soft and hard boards and components.


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