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Health care PCB Factory tells you What are the characteristics of thick copper PCB boards

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Copper has the function of conducting electricity on the Health care PCB, and the thick copper circuit board has the characteristics of carrying large current, reducing thermal strain, and good heat dissipation.

1.Thick copper circuit boards can carry large currents

In the case of a certain line width, increasing the copper thickness is equivalent to increasing the cross-sectional area of the circuit, which can carry a larger current.

2. Thick copper circuit boards reduce thermal strain

Copper foil has a small conductivity coefficient, and the temperature rise is small under the condition of large current, so it can reduce the amount of heat and thus reduce the thermal strain.

3. Thick copper circuit board has good heat dissipation

Copper foil has high thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity 401W/mK), which can play an important role in improving heat dissipation performance.

Based on the characteristics of the above thick copper PCB circuit board, it is recommended that you choose thick copper pcb for high current, which can better realize the circuit function.

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