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PCB manufacturer China:What is a Standard PCB

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As PCB manufacturer China know that,Aluminum is the most common material used for metal printed circuit boards. Standard PCBs are not made of metals; instead, they are made of materials like FR4, fiberglass, ceramic, polymer, etc. To facilitate signal conduction, these circuit boards contain copper layers, silkscreen, and soldered masks. They can be single or double-sided boards based on the application requirements.

Most companies create a PCB prototype in the design and testing phases of their projects. When you are ready to move to the production phase, you will want to use the standard PCB service. While the prototype PCBs are used to test and finalize designs, the standard PCBs are the printed circuit boards that will be installed in your products.

Standard PCB service refers to the full-feature PCB manufacturing process. With over ten years of PCB manufacturing, we have handled numerous projects and covered almost all sorts of substrate materials, including FR4, Aluminum, Rogers, and others. Unlike prototype PCB services, our standard printed circuit board services have strict production limits.

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