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FPC supplier tells you FPC Copper Thickness12-24 07:41
Copper plays a vital role in the overall thickness of a printed circuit board. It also dictates a FPC’s functionality. In fact, FPC copper thickness plays an essential role in achieving standard FPC thickness.
What are the important parameters of high frequency PCB12-23 05:04
The dielectric constant of the high frequency PCB substrate must be small and stable. Generally speaking, the smaller the better. T
Flexible PCB manufacturer tells What is the role of each layer in the pcb board12-21 11:17
Flexible PCB manufacturer tells What is the role of each layer in the pcb board
PCB factory china tells you Basic standards for electrical testing process12-20 06:38
Any pad found on the PCB by the solder mask must belong to the test pad of a certain component or circuit. In both cases, it is necessary to check their electrical conductivity and electrical isolation from other pads and the traces connecting them.
Automotive PCB:What is characteristic impedance12-18 11:50
What is characteristic impedance?
What is Multi-layer PCB testing?12-17 02:49
Multi-layer PCB testing is done only after the assembly process is complete and a printed circuit board has passed all of its inspections.
Difficulties in the pressing process when producing Flex rigid PCB12-16 08:16
Difficulties in the pressing process when producing Flex rigid PCB
Difficulties in making inner circuit by producing Rigid flex PCB12-15 04:12
Rigid flex PCB are used as the "core main force" in the fields of communications, medical treatment, industrial control, security, automobiles, electric power, aviation, military industry, and computer peripherals.
PCB manufacturer China:How to implement this type of testing in practice12-13 11:54
Needle-bed test: This type of test is usually called "bed-of-needle test". The method is to place the card on a frame that has many retractable pins that are in contact with the same number of pads on our card.
FPC manufacturer:What Is TG PCB Board?12-07 03:19
With the continuous upgrading of electronic products, the previous ordinary PCB materials can no longer meet the needs of all products.
What does Full Feature Rigid flex PCB Manufacturer in China look like11-29 07:24
Sun&Lynn Circuits Rigid flex PCB manufactures and supplies quality flex-rigid and flexible PCBs at affordable prices. We manufacture them through sequential designing of flexible component layers like base polyimide, copper, cover-lay, and stiffeners attached by adhesive epoxy or acrylic layers.
How to use X-ray inspection Health care PCB11-27 12:17
The X-rays emitted by the automatic X-ray transmission tube pass through the Health care PCB test sample. The detector is located on the other side of the AXI machine.
Why You Should Choose High-Frequency PCB11-25 04:30
If your application requires a high-frequency board, you need a high frequency PCB manufacturer with extensive knowledge and rich fabrication background
Flexible PCB supplier china tells you the Future of Printed Circuit Boards11-22 04:48
The PCB manufacturing process presents adequate room for growth. Flexible PCB supplier china are faced with various challenges in their daily activities. The following trends will shape the future of PCB:
Why do Multi-layer PCB circuit boards need to use UV three-proof paint11-19 12:05
In the Multi-layer PCB circuit board, the three anti-paint can be said to be indispensable. Three-proof paint is also called PCB electronic circuit board protection oil, coating oil, three-proof glue, moisture-proof paint, and three-proof paint.
PCB supplier china:LED Circuit Boards Effective and Affordable PCB LED Lighting Solutions11-16 02:29
The advancement of the printed circuit board technology has led to the development of several innovations. A good example of this is the innovation of LED PCBs.
PCB manufacturer China:High-Frequency PCB Fabrication11-15 02:32
As PCB manufacturer China knows that,A high-frequency PCB is suitable when integrating a particular signal with an electronic product.
Flex rigid PCB Technology and Production Process11-13 05:23
Whether producing a rigid flex prototype or production quantities requiring large scale PCB fabrication and PCB assembly, the technology is well proven and reliable.
Health care PCB Factory tells you What are the characteristics of thick copper PCB boards11-11 07:58
Copper has the function of conducting electricity on the Health care PCB, and the thick copper circuit board has the characteristics of carrying large current, reducing thermal strain, and good heat dissipation.
What are the Metal core PCB cooling techniques11-10 04:39
Metal core PCB cooling is broadly classified into two types – Passive and Active.
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