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What is a Metal Core PCB?09-01 11:59
A Metal Core PCB (MCPCB), also known as a thermal PCB or metal backed PCB
Flex rigid PCB failure analysis steps08-31 04:45
As the carrier of various components and the hub of circuit signal transmission, Flex rigid PCB has become the most important and key part of electronic information products and is widely used in various industries.
What is the role of each layer in the Rigid flex PCB08-30 12:28
The Rigid flex PCB includes many types of working layers, such as signal layer, protective layer, silk screen layer, internal layer,
Why are Health care PCB multi-layer PCB boards mostly even-numbered layers08-28 11:11
Why are Health care PCB and PCB multilayer boards mostly even-numbered layers? There are few odd-numbered layers. There are single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer PCB boards for these reasons.
Metal core PCB:Why HDI PCBs Need Laser Drilling?08-27 05:07
Electronic devices nowadays offer higher functionality in increasingly smaller sizes.
How to do High frequency PCB08-26 06:16
Want to do a good job of high-complex PCB First, do the DFM of these High frequency PCBs from the engineering design; Second, for these PCBs and PCBAs, you need to choose suppliers with particularly strong engineering capabilities.
FPC supplier tells you PCB failure analysis steps08-25 03:46
As the carrier of various components and the hub of circuit signal transmission, PCB has become the most important and key part of electronic information products and is widely used in various industries.
FPC manufacturer tells you SMT mounting method for double-sided circuit boards08-24 12:00
As circuit boards produced by FPC manufacturer become more integrated, double-sided mounting circuit boards will be widely used in the future.
Flexible PCB supplier china:What are the rules of the PCB layout in the state08-23 05:27
PCB board wiring in flexible PCB supplier china is one of the important things that can't run.
What are the characteristics of PCB assembly Automotive PCB08-21 03:39
Automotive PCB used as PCB assembly and interconnection must adapt to the rapid development of current PCB assembly technology.
What is difference between Multi-layer PCB and PCBA08-20 02:37
We believe many people are not unfamiliar with Multi-layer PCB, and they may often hear them in daily life, but they may not know much about PCBA, and may even be confused with PCB.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:What is Teflon PCB board and what are its characteristics08-19 05:46
Teflon, the scientific name is polytetrafluoroethylene (abbreviated as PTFE), is generally called "non-stick coating" or "easy to clean material".
What is FPC board etching process in PCB factory china08-18 04:46
FPC flexible circuit board etching in PCB factory china is that the etching solution is evenly sprayed on the surface of the copper foil through the nozzle under a certain temperature condition (45+5), and the oxidation-reduction reaction occurs with the copper that is not protected by the etching resist, and the unwanted copper,
What is the circuit board silk screen in PCB supplier china08-18 04:33
Circuit board screen printing in PCB supplier china is the use of screen printing technology to make printed circuit boards. The silk screen value is the silk screen layer.
What to check in PCB manufacturer china quality control08-16 02:42
Any genuine PCB manufacturer china should conduct a DFM inspection before putting the circuit board into production to find potential quality problems.
How rigid flex pcb manufacturers enhance pcb performance08-14 05:16
It is the age of the 4th industrial revolution. If we want to walk with the demands of the time, we have to accept the significance of technology in our life.
PCB factory china:WHY USE HDI MICROVIAS08-13 05:48
Microvias are implemented in high-density interconnect (HDI) layers, printed circuit boards with a higher wiring density than traditional PCBs.
Health care PCB:WHAT ARE MICROVIAS08-13 05:19
A microvia is the smallest via available in PCB assembly. ICP standards define a microvia as a hole with an aspect ratio of 1:1, with a hole diameter of 150 microns or less, and usually only connects one layer of a board to an adjacent layer.
Semiconductor photolithography is a method of fabrication of metal core PCB and microprocessors.
High frequency PCB:What is Aluminum PCB08-10 02:42
Have you ever heard the term aluminum pcb manufacturer? If you do not know what it is, we will explain it to you in this article. As you read this article, you are surrounded by PCBs.
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